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ma3ih May 3 '11
i really love club theme just need sidebar too
what do you guys think about this?
its easy to make sidebar for club?
can any1 do it?
Leo Jul 5 '11
It's very easy: You only have to edit a HTML file and CSS values. That's all :)
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Gavin Jul 21 '11
what are the changes?
Leo Jul 22 '11
Just add the code written in sidebar.txt to theme CSS file. Then, go to theme folder (via FTP) and replace master_pages/general.html with the file I attached (general.html).
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  sidebar.txt (0.4Kb) (0.55Kb)
Richard Lawrence Nov 20 '11
how to i go to theme folder (via FTP)
Leo Nov 20 '11
You need to have a FTP Client. Then, connect to your server and go to the theme folder (ow_themes).
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Joe Nov 26 '11
Hi Leo - I pasted the sidebar.txt into the custom css. Replaced the general.html. Enabled dev_mode. The site now looks like the screen shot.
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!
  ClubScreen.jpg (360.74Kb)
Arifur Rahman Mar 12 '12
How can i Use Logo on Club theme?
Leo Mar 14 '12
@Joe: You've to enable DEV_MODE before you make any changes.

@Arifur: Please see here for instructions:
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Arifur Rahman Mar 15 '12
@Leo Thank you! :)
gans character May 14 '12
@Leo : Halo Leo, I'm new member, I need your help. I'm doing editing theme in sidebar. but inside the frame theme, not outside. I understand and have followed your instructions on sidebar.txt and general.html. can you help me. i'm sory my english not good. i,m indonesian. thank you.
Leo May 14 '12
Have you enabled OW_DEV_MODE in ow_includes/config.php before doing the changes?
gans character May 14 '12
yes, thank you. but i mean, i want to make sidebar inside the themes, not outside frame theme. within the framework of the theme, not the outside.
thank you leo. I really appreciate your help
gans character May 14 '12
oya, i'm sory i forgot, i'm using CLUB theme
Leo May 15 '12
Can you please upload an image where you describe what you want exactly?

gans character May 17 '12

@Leo  ..thank you,,i'm sory you waithing..

this is image you need.. i hope this helpfull.

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  pic.jpg (107.56Kb)
  pic2.jpg (122.03Kb)
gans character May 17 '12
@Leo  ..thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. thank you very much
Leo May 18 '12

there is a possibility to insert the sidebar "inside the theme":

Open base.css file of the theme and change the value margin-right: from .ow_page to 0 (pay attention: There are to values named .ow_page. You have to use the second one, where your sidebar css data is written).