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Oxwall script is a bug!!!! | Forum

jeo Nov 3 '11
I feel rely angry about all these errors keep coming up, iv created 5 different sites with oxwall because i keep getting stupid errors that want event let me or anyone els to use the site. My Problems 1, iv lose 5 different lots of members & etc 2, Had to buy a new domain 3, Most of the plugins are faulty and don't work 4, iv spent over £300 for the host, plugins & software for my oxwall site and i cart event get the help of any of the team to just import my backup of my last site! Oxwall you are rely getting my angry please just import my backup to my site url chavspace i will give the rest of the files n details by private message.....   
Keelan Nov 3 '11
Well Jeo by the sounds of it you don't have much "web development" knowledge and you are jumping right in the deep end with a social network platform.

I have been developing from basic html to advanced php / js / sql / blah blah for over 8 years and i have a fair understanding of how to use Oxwall because of my web development knowledge.

I also know that if i need some help that i must provide as much detail as possible, Oxwall support/dev are not mind readers.

Multiple posts and mail from you contain simple "My site broke, please fix" or "Plugin doesn't work it shows blah. HELP!!". This is not going to get any of us anywhere, except put people off helping you.

Oxwall is a piece of software under constant development for free. Addenster is constantly trying to help out around the forums and a few of us try to give you help through our experiences with Oxwall along the road.

I suggest you find tutorials for basic web development and read them as this will help you understand how to setup, manipulate and create web content.

Though Oxwall is an out-of-the-box type of software doesn't mean you can throw a few plugins and you will have a social network ready to battle Facebook and Google+. Oxwall cuts out the basics so you don't need to sit and write code to get basic functions going. It allows you to start using it straight away and produce some great websites.

In response to your bullet points:

1. You shouldn't be releasing your website to the public as soon as you create it, Alpha/Closed BETA/Public BETA/BETA/Site goes live. It is all about finding bugs and developing your website.

2. Why did you have to buy a new domain name, that was your choice.

3. Plugins work fine, if any bugs are discovered they are fixed. Plugins by third parties are not supported by Oxwall but by the developer so that is not Oxwall's fault.

4. I am not sure where you have calculated 
£300 from, i have spent $50 including a domain name and vps from hostgator. Oxwall costs nothing and the plugins are mostly free except the billing ones and the new IM which totals $110 which is about £70. So if you bought 2 domains at £10 each (max) and shared hosting £20 a month. You have more than likely only spent £100 give or take hosting costs and the plugins you purchased. For a social networking site that is pretty good most software for the platform would cost you 2-5 times as much as that.

This isn't just you either multiple people come on here without naming names and expect to create a facebook/google+ challenger in 30 mins but it doesn't work like that. 
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jeo Nov 3 '11
@keelan- Ok i understand that some of the team is trying to help plus some others but all i rely want is to get my stuff i did have on my site like members & etc to be imported to my new script, and yes im rely new at this sort of stuff and the reason i choose oxwall is because it is a great software to use. I only want a working social network for my cummunity " Gypsies & Travellers" iv try socialgo and wall.fm but didn't offer me the rite stuff i needed. And yes i have spent that many not just with oxwall socialgo as well! and now iv back at the start again with nothing on my script, can anyone just help me import my backup iv been asking for a week nerly. And a big sorry oxwall for that your a great team its just i had no1 to blame at the time, but its my own fult.
Max Nov 3 '11
@Keelan : +1
@jeo : please don't send me private message for support

Can you make a complete backup of your database ?
jeo Nov 3 '11
Rite let me explain whats happen, iv removed the whole script out of my cpanel and uploaded a new one, but iv still got the backup of my site tho. Anyways iv installed my new script, uploaded the data importer plugin to import my back up, iv keep waiting for it to import but still nothing happens. So can you tell me how can i import my backup properly? @Max OK
Keelan Nov 3 '11
I don't have the answer for you but i suggest you read some of the threads using the all mighty search feature of the forum. Though below are not exactly your issue they may help trouble shoot your situation.

Max Nov 3 '11
Can you check max_upload_file_size in php.ini ?

Edit : Check your cronjob too
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jeo Nov 3 '11
ok i know ware the cronjob is but ware can i find the php.ini size?
Max Nov 3 '11
You can create a phpinfo to know max_upload_file_size
See here : http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/2019?page=1#post-9579
Keelan Nov 3 '11
php.ini depending on your host, contact your host they will tell you if you have the option to customize php.ini. Generally it is in the directory above "/public_html/" so just "/".
jeo Nov 3 '11
If you are ona bout how much host space its unlimited im using arvixe.com and i can see php settings is that it?
Keelan Nov 3 '11
Jeo ask them your host is your easiest option just copy and paste:

Do i have access to create custom php.ini.

If so ask how you can change 
max_upload_file_size, 99% of the time they will just do it for you. It is hard to give you step by step when we don't have Arvixe accounts.
Michael Nov 8 '11
Something I see cropping up more often......
People want to create a social site.There will be some web development, server knowledge and scripting to be done.  If people DONT know how to do this they should not undertake the task.  Don't blame the software. Hire a professional.

I am proficient in most things IT but I have had to learn a few tricks. 
Keelan Nov 8 '11
+1 Michael.
Max Nov 8 '11
I don't understand how can we blame a free software ...
Niels Nov 8 '11
And as far as my experience goes: I've made a few websites using Coppermine or Joomla (both good products) and now I'm using Oxwall for the first time because I was looking for Social Networking software. And I'm suprised the rumour hasn't spread much further: this stuff is really good. Yes, there are options I like to see in the future and some things require a little testing/trying. But I managed to put up a working site in less then an hour without any knowledge of the Oxwall software. Spend some extra time on adjusting, translating and troubleshooting. Because I allready had a hostingprovider and a domainname the whole thing costed me zero. Asked a few questions here on the forum and received feedback the same day. I must say: I'm impressed!

Michael Nov 8 '11
The main issues with oxwall are incompitable hosts, lack of basic web dev knowledge and random careless "tinkering" and MANY broken sites can be quickly fixed by restoring from BACKUP.  Backup ALWAYS!
Keelan Nov 8 '11
Also going "live" the same day, sites need testing not:

upload and install
change css
release to public; and
then they find out there host is incomptable or too many resources and blame Oxwall.
Den Nov 9 '11
May be it is cheaper and more effective to hire some knowledge guy or use wall.fm service instead? If you don't have enough skills and knowledges about software setup and hosting configuration.

Michael Nov 10 '11
There are enough stable successful oxwall installs out there to determine that the majority of install issues are user/host related.  All other stable oxwall installs did not install correctly through pure luck.
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