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UNINSTALL BLOGS PLUGIN Error 500 Internal Server Error. | Forum

Ronald Roberts Jan 27 '13
I am trying to uninstall the blog plugin in order to dump the 95,000 posts, after I click the Delete content and uninstall plugin I get

Error 500
Internal Server Error.

Alia Jan 29 '13
I guess you were able to fix this Ronald, since your site is back to normal now.
Let me know if I was looking in a wrong place.
Ronald Roberts Jan 29 '13
no this is another problem
Alia Jan 30 '13
Ronald, you mean this problems is on another site?
Have you enabled DEBUG MODE ( http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/4661) ?
What errors did you get after enabling it?
Ronald Roberts Jan 30 '13

Message:Can't find config `uninstall_inprogress` in section `blogs`!




#0 /home4/thetruc1/public_html/job-classifieds/ow_core/config.php(169): BOL_ConfigService->saveConfig('blogs', 'uninstall_inpro...', 1)

#1 /home4/thetruc1/public_html/job-classifieds/ow_plugins/blogs/controllers/admin.php(68): OW_Config->saveConfig('blogs', 'uninstall_inpro...', 1)

#2 [internal function]: BLOGS_CTRL_Admin->uninstall(Array)

#3 /home4/thetruc1/public_html/job-classifieds/ow_core/request_handler.php(266): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(BLOGS_CTRL_Admin), Array)

#4 /home4/thetruc1/public_html/job-classifieds/ow_core/application.php(317): OW_RequestHandler->dispatch()

#5 /home4/thetruc1/public_html/job-classifieds/index.php(65): OW_Application->handleRequest()

#6 {main}


The Forum post is edited by Ronald Roberts Jan 30 '13
Richard Carr Feb 2 '13
I would also like to uninstall the blogs plugin, but when i go to do it it thinks it is the photo plugin as it says :

Before uninstalling photo plugin we have to remove all existing user photo content. This may take awhile. That is why we will put the site to "maintenance mode" and activate it back upon completing the uninstall.

So am afraid to uninstall in case it deletes all user photos...what should i do?

Ronnel DC Feb 2 '13
So am afraid to uninstall in case it deletes all user photos...what should i do?
Backup your site first.
adding the congif "uninstall_inprogress" would be the easiest way to fix that.
In any of the active plugins init.php file, add the below lines and refresh any page.

if ( !OW::getConfig()->configExists('blogs', 'uninstall_inprogress') )
    OW::getConfig()->addConfig('blogs', 'uninstall_inprogress', 0, ' ');

This will add the config back to system and after that you can retain or remove it.
Alia Feb 5 '13
+1 Purusothaman. Thank you for helping.

>>So am afraid to uninstall in case it deletes all user photos...what should i do?

Thank you for pointing at this. It is just incorrect text (one and the same language text key was pasted for the uninstall process of all plugins).

You can go ahead and uninstall Blogs plugin. Photos will not be deleted.

We will change the wording within one of the next releases.