Oxwall Partners

Official Partners

  • Skalfa LLC - the biggest donator for Oxwall Foundation. Produces monetization plugins and offers free hosted Oxwall solution - Wall.fm.

Official partners are entities that have formal relationships with Oxwall Foundation.

Oxwall Club

  • SocEngine - Russian community service provider. Maintains core/plugin translation and distributes paid plugins via Russian payment providers. Representative: Victor.
  • Oxwall Deutschland - German site dedicated to translation and local distribution of Oxwall software. Representative: Oxwall Deutschland.
  • Oxwall Iranian -Iranian community,customize core,plugins and themes for RTL languages.and translation : Jahani Fard.

Oxwall Club unites local and international teams that actively render regional/vertical support for Oxwall user communities, and/or promote and distribute Oxwall software.

Club members receive advanced software news from the Foundation, as well as additional cooperation and exclusive support. Pre-release beta testing is planned as well.

Club membership is absolutely free. The only requirement is your real commitment to benefiting Oxwall users worldwide, and compliance with our policies. In general, we encourage all international communities to join the Club to be recognized and supported by Oxwall Foundation. Representatives of Club members can be distinguished on Oxwall.org by their CLUB badge.