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Published Sep 11 '12

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Plugin title Mobile for Oxwall
Item published aron
Category Integrations, Interface
Price $29
Compatible with 1.7.0, 1.6.0, 1.7.1
Demo page
License OSCL
Mobile for oxwall

READ ALL Topics: "Changelog"

Mobile - use Your oxwall on mobil...
Mobile for oxwall

READ ALL Topics: "Changelog"

Mobile - use Your oxwall on mobile devices. PLUGI SUCCESSFULLY TESTED ON DEVICES: blackberry 9530,SONY XPERIA NEO V, ASUS TRANSFORMER (WEB version not native application)

NOTE: Becouse plugin has include Android application, then plugin file has over 10MB size - before upload (if You are using upload plugin form oxwall) check Your php upload quota - on some servers can be set up to 6-8MB - this require over 10MB). Always you can upload using FTP protocol (about FTP ask your server provider)

NOTE: If You have problem with upgrade form parent version to 3.0.x then simple uninstall parent version and install new

Before purchase You can see plugin in action (full functionality available) at:

Before purchase read Licence, Info, Term of use About all plugins:


NOTE: In this version Available functions: reviewing product images, add photos, search Members, send PM, and some more...

Before purchase read Licence, Info, Term of use About all plugins and agree:

Before asking read first FAQ:
If You have problem then write to me as P.M. (private message on this website or my demo website) only! I do not read posts on forum because there are too many and I have too little time.
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this is great but many things missing

This works as described... cute... one thing i will want to be added is the group and ability for users to chat on mobiles and play games as well... wrong spelling of blog.. you wrote Blolgs... user cannot view his own profile non profile edit... restricted low member user can still sent private messages... Admin should be able to customise his own site color because oxwall has many different theme color and you dont expect everyone to use thesame color design. favincon didn't change.. still the small yellow stuff.. users cannot like other comments.. only reply.. you need more developments on this...improve it.. should be 10$ for now...

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Mar 6 '13
it is not working good

On this app there is no email boox or mssage area to see email back useless app i Do not recommend it to anyone

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Jan 25 '13
Nice app and big help for mobile users

I like this app but there just a few problems with it. On the photo's i canot see pictures that are allready uploaded i can only add photo's On the newsfeed if a member uploads a video i cannot watch the video i can only comment on it. In the menu bar Blogs has been spelt wrong. "blolgs" Photo's and video's don't show up in the Forum. It's not all bad though i may sound critical but i do like the app. It's good for getting quick updates and i have the option to switch to the full site if i need to. The basics are there it just needs a little TLC

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Apr 7 '13