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Google Maps Location

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Published Jan 17 '13

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Plugin title Google Maps Location
Item published jk
Category Integrations, Social networking
Price $25
Compatible with 1.7.2, 1.7.3, 1.7.4
Demo page
License OSCL
Description This plugin allows users to add their location in profile details.
Plugin compatible with oxwall 1.7.2, 1.7.3
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Display where your Users are

This is a superb addition for any international community. The user simply enters where they live when editing their profile and a location map is displayed on their profile. There is also a wonderful 'map of the world' page used when searching for members which pin points all users locations. Great fun and graphics!

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Jan 31 '13
Pass on this [edit] Do NOT PASS ON THIS!!!

[original review:] Nothing worse than a great concept and crappy execution. Doesn't work on 1.7.1 and developer nowhere to be found. Conflicts with Extended Events. Buyer beware. [edited review:] Yes, I feel like a total jackarse having to go back on my prior review. I left it up there so you can see. That was frustration because this plugin is SO IMPORTANT to have on any social network that is not focused on a particular city or town. jk worked A LOT to get my plugin working with other plugins. Now everything is working as it should. Thanks jk.

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Rob R,
Sep 10 '14