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Plugin title Plugin Skeleton
Item published Oxwall Software
Category Development
License The BSD License
Description This plugin is intended for developers who want to create their own Oxwall plugins. It contains a set of working examples of the following Oxwall functionality:

- File structure
- Developer Tools
- plugin.xml
- Routing
- Localization
- Forms
- Database
- File storage
- Sending email
- Notifications
- Newsfeed
- Floatbox
- Widgets
- Access Level
- Profile Questions
- Cron jobs
- Ping
- Plugin installation/activation

The plugin has solely educational purpose. This is version 1.0, so feel free to provide feedback and suggest additions

How to start:

1. Install the plugin on your test site (not for live environment);
2. Open its index page (;
3. Find what you are interested in, say _Database_;
4. View how the example works, and find listed code files implementing the example. All of this Oxwall plugin sample code is self-explanatory. Non-intuitive situations are commented along right in the code.
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Its Best For Newbies

As I say that I its good for newbies and I am also a newbie. I hope this will be helpful for me!

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Alokik Yadav,
Aug 29 '13
Nice one

Great plugin, a cool way to go

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Sep 1 '13


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