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Published Sep 2 '13

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Plugin title Photo Viewer like Facebook, G+
Item published iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Category Development, Integrations
Price $15
Demo page
License OSCL
Description General information:

Photo Viewer like Facebook, G+ is a photo viewer plugin which inherits versatility and friendly interface of Facebook and Google Plus’s photo viewer.

Compatibility: Oxwall 1.5.x - 1.7.x
Browsers support: Firefox, Chrome, IE8+, Safari


- AJAX based quick photo viewing to save time and resources.
- Lightbox AJAX viewer:

On-the-spot loading of photos upon clicking of their thumbnails.
Design of viewer minimizes distraction while photo viewing.
Improved navigation and better overall utility: Its design makes the photo lightbox viewer more usable and interactive as links and other options for user actions are easily accessible. Actions like Report, Edit, Delete, Make as featured, etc can be quickly performed from photo viewer without page reload.

- Photo option panel with many useful options:

Edit photo
Delete photo
Make as Featured or Remove from Featured
Go to photo detail page
Download photo

- Next & previous icons for jumping over photos.

- Keyboard Interactivity for user convenience and quick browsing: Keyboard based jumping over photos. Left key for previous photo and right key for next photo. Esc key can be used to close the viewer.

- Fun and user friendly experience.

- Photo owners can also easily edit description, tags of photos within the lightbox via AJAX.

- Admin can set time for slideshow deplay, user can download photo and enable or disable Photoviewer


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Brilliant Pluging

Thank you so much for making this plugin, it is just what my social network needed, my photo page looks even more professional and the layout is just perfect, keep up the good work my friend, this application deserves a 5 Star rating!

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Stan Thompson,
Sep 5 '13
Excellent plugin

Excellent plugin, really well designed. Thank you!

Was it helpful? Yes·No Helpful for 7 out of 7 people

Dave S,
Sep 11 '13
Excellent work.

Very much there is no adding of tags on a photo. For example - If to make photo tags that there will be the best plug-in for a photo.

Was it helpful? Yes·No Helpful for 2 out of 4 people

Dmitry Surin,
Sep 15 '13